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Student Government Association

The following photos are of SOIT Student Government. The following students Bryan Polanco, Kasmin Ynfante, and Wilson Paulino attending the Students in Government Day for Passaic County on 10/24/17. Students from Passaic County got an introduction to county government officials. Students got to have lunch Passaic County Community College, a tour of Dey Mansion, and musical bingo with the elderly at Preakness Health Center.

SOIT SGA Members

  • Andry Almonte

  • Jesus Rosarios

  • Geisha Concepcion

  • Wilson Paulino

  • Anyi Fernandez

  • Jenniffer Goris

  • Katherine Climaco

  • Katherine Almonte

  • Joselina Trejo

  • Alejandra Rosa

  • Mary Pena

  • Ashley Pena

  • Edbel Then 

  • Katherine Tejada

  • Estrella Vargas

  • Anyerica Acosta

  • Kasmin Ynfante

  • Edrian Fabian

  • Lorenzo Munoz

  • Endelson Arias

  • Dominick Goez

  • Almanis De La Cruz